He Guides Me

“…He will guide you into all truth… ” John 16:13

Many people wander through live, never quite figuring out what their assignment is, continually asking if they are in the ‘will of God’; some live in continual fear of being deceived and being lead astray; some live in a state of ‘am I saved?’ or  ‘will I make it to heaven’?

How can we live our daily lives with confidence knowing that we are making the right decisions for our lives and our family?  How can we navigate in a world that is full of opinions and ideas?  How can we function from our position as a son of God?

John 16:13 shows us that He is the Spirit of Truth.  He will guide us into all Truth, the whole, full Truth.  He speaks what He hears the Father say.  He will announce and declare to us things that are to come, things that will happen in the future.

If we understand the role of Holy Spirit in our lives we can live at rest.  We can live at rest because  Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth; this builds trust in us.  He is Truth!  He will not lead us in a lie or in ways that are not for our good.  What He hears the Father speak, He speaks to us.  When you understand the attributes and character of God, this is very powerful to grasp!

What He is speaking to us is coming out of the attributes and character of God.  He sees the beginning from the end, His thoughts towards us are good, His love for us is great, He cannot lie, He is full of justice, He is faithful, His Word cannot return void.  When we consider the source and authority behind what is being spoken to us, we can rest in His guiding.

Guide means to literally show the way.  The Holy Spirit was given to be our Guide, to show us the way, to be our leader and our guide.

When we seek out the counsel of the Holy Spirit daily, we walk with more confidence, hope, assurance and rest.  He loves to communicate with us.  He desires to talk with you and walk with you.   Read His Word, ask Him questions today, ask His opinion, ask Him to guide you, to help you make the right decisions.  He may quicken a verse to your mind, He may give you revelation about a verse, causing it to become a Rhema word to you.  He may speak to you in a still small voice, He may send someone along your path, or He may speak to you in a dream or a vision.  He wants to be involved in every area of your life.

Holy Spirit is the source of all Truth.  Seek Him daily. Delve into His Word and ask Him to guide you and show you the way.  He will never disappoint!


I am passionate about loving Jesus and serving Him.   I have a deep desire to see people succeed, living the abundant life that God  has designed for them. My husband and I have been happily married for over 33 years and we have four adult children, a daughter-in-law, and two grandsons.  We serve our local church, Solid Rock Church as Lead Pastors.

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