Power of Rest

bird-under-wingResting in His presence is one thing that helped me through the last couple of years.   I would say to people, ‘the Lord has taught me the power of rest.’ and often the reply back would be, ‘yes, you need to get your rest and let your body heal.’ Now this was good advice, I did need to physically rest and allow my body to heal, and I did on a daily basis.

But what I was referring to was something different than a physical rest. It is a resting IN Him, in His presence. It is a positing yourself in Him. I had studied Psalm 91 and the power of the secret place the year before the cancer diagnosis, and I was supposed to be writing our ladies’ Bible study curriculum that year on it. What the Lord had given to me revelatory through that passage, I lived the following 18 months during treatment.

Dwelling in the secret place and abiding under His shadow is a position. It is to be set and hidden in Him, to stop and stay permanently under His shadow.

It is intentionally entering and placing yourself, tucked away under Him. I think of the picture of the bird that has her offspring tucked securely under her wing.  I know this picture doesn’t really show the magnitude of being hidden under His wing.

Throughout the Psalms we see God’s promise to us.

For in the day of trouble He will keep me safe in His dwelling; He will hide me in the secret place of His tent; He will lift me up on a rock. Psalm 27:5

……hide me in the shadow of Your wings. Psalm 17:8

You hide me in the secret place of Your presence…. Psalm 31:20

He who dwells in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. Psalm 91:1

Turning our focus off of our circumstances and onto Jesus, intentionally positioning myself under His wings; allows God to work miraculously on my behalf. It moves me from a place of worry, anxiety, and stress into a place of rest, peace, God’s got this, and He has a provision for this.

It is truly one of the most joyous places to live from, I am not moved by my circumstances, but His joy dominates my life.

We don’t have to live tossed to and fro with every storm that comes along, but rather we can position ourselves in Him. The storm may rage, but Daddy is taking care of me. He is working on my behalf. I can rest, be at peace, rejoice and see what God is going to do!