A Teachable Posture

My success is directly tied to my ability to be teachable.

But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.  John 14:26

How I love Holy Spirit, He is so intimate with us and wants the very best for each of us!  He is so committed to our success that He is willing to spend time teaching us and mentoring us!

My success is directly tied to my ability to be teachable.

Have you ever tried to teach someone, only to have them argue with you, deflect personal responsibility, blame shift, give you excuses, be defensive, and then ultimately pick up an offense?  I am sure we have all encountered people like this in our lives, and I am sure that we have all acted like this as well!   These are all signs of being unteachable.

I have found through my walk with the Holy Spirit that a key to success is my ability to stay teachable.  My success is directly tied to my ability to be teachable.  Some say that the school of hard knocks and life are the BEST ways to learn, but I would strongly disagree.  I don’t find that to be a scriptural concept.  All through scripture we see, if people were teachable and obedient, they moved in favour and blessings, but when they chose to ‘do what was right in their own eyes’, then they would encounter the school of hard knocks.

We don’t need to spend our lives recovering from mistakes.  Life is too short!  We can be teachable and allow our great Mentor the Holy Spirit to impart into our lives.   This launches us farther and quicker; it causes us to be focused, more effective and impactful.

This is not to say that we can’t learn or recover from those mistakes, but I would suggest, that we don’t HAVE to learn that way.  There is a more effective way and it is directly tied to our ability to be teachable!

So what does it mean to be teachable, to have a teachable spirit?   We must we open our hearts and minds up to HEAR what being taught.  It usually involves us keeping our mouths quiet and just listening!  It is a humbling experience, but the value of what we are receiving is huge.

The Holy Spirit desires to:

    • Impart instruction. 
    • Instil doctrine in us.
    • Expound His Word – explaining it to us, bringing greater clarity to it.
    • Bring His Word to life, creating a Rhema Word in us.
    • Brings revelation to us!

He loves to speak to us and He wants to teach us! This is powerful!

Let’s continue on through the verse. I love the next part of this verse, He shall teach you ALL THINGS, and bring ALL THINGS to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said to you.

We have a Teacher who knows all things, sees all things, He knows the beginning from the end, He knows that plans that He has for us.  Think on that for a moment!  He knows what your day holds, what your future holds, and what your assignment is.   He will teach you what you need to be successful, to carry out your assignment, and to live the abundant life that Christ died for.

Wow!  The One who knows ALL is my Teacher!  I can avoid the snares and pitfalls, because He sees them ahead of me and will teach me, enabling me to avoid them!

Jesus then continues on and tells the disciples that the Holy Spirit would bring all things to their remembrance.  The disciples had HEARD Christ and the Holy Spirit was going to bring Christ’s Words to their remembrance.

When we fill our hearts and minds with the Word, the Holy Spirit will bring it to our memory just when we need it.  He works with the Word that has been implanted in our hearts.  He is the active agent in our daily lives.

Position yourself to be teachable and allow the Holy Spirit to teach you today!  Be a receiver!